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Wytcote has created a solution that provides best-in-class monitored care for your loved ones residing senior-care communities.

How We Help You.

We leverage the internet of things so your company can communicate wirelessly in a safe and secure network.
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Connecting Things That Matter

Real-time Monitoring

KPI & Threshold Analysis

Industry Leading Security

Platform Agnostic

Senior Care Communities

Increase the efficiences of your nursing home or senior care community while lowering costs. Reduce your risks, and manage your community with best-in-class care.
  • Monitor the health and safety of your loved ones.
  • Track location, care, and other KPIs in real-time.
  • Industry-leading fall detection.
  • Manage and monitor caregivers in your community.
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Medical Facilities

Provides continuous real-time monitoring of important biometrics such as heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, falls, skin temperature, GPS, bed exits, urinary frequency, sleep cycles, steps and much more.
  • Integrate your reports, software, and devices on one dashboard.
  • Access relevant data in real-time anywhere in the world.
  • Protect your data with industry-leading security protocols and encryption.
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"We find that SeniorSense helps us to be more pro-active with our care. It's a great system that we are very pleased with, along with great customer service."
Elaine Carver
Laney's Cottages, CA

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